Joint honours subject introductions - Joint Honours (Sept 2017) - University of Derby

Joint honours induction activities

Your Induction Week schedule‌‌‌‌

Your induction week is an important part of your introduction into the university and your Joint honours course. As a Joint honours student you'll be studying two subjects, and it's important that you are involved with induction activity for both your subjects.  Our subjects do have various approaches to the events they put on during induction week, so don't worry if they seem different for each of your two subjects.  We try to combine practical sessions, with information and advice and fun!

We always aim to keep to the schedules we publish, but sometimes things beyond our control could mean that there'll be a change (usually it's about room numbers).  If there are any changes, we'll publish them on our Updates section on this website.

You must attend the compulsory introduction sessions as these will give you all the core information that you'll need to begin your study of the subject, you'll also get to meet academic staff and get to know other students studying the same subjects as you. 

If you miss any of the optional sessions then please don't worry, you won't be disadvantaged in any way, you are only invited to go along to these if you have some free time available throughout the week.  It may be that your two subjects have things that are optional happening at the same time - you can choose which you go along to.

To help you organise your induction week, we've also created a handy weekly planner that you can download and fill out.

To help you find you way around, our room numbers always start with their location, for example, E616 is on the 6th floor of East Tower.

  • E is East Tower, Kedleston Road
  • B is B-Block, Kedleston Road
  • T is T-Block, Kedleston Road
  • N is North Tower, Kedleston Road
  • K is the Kirtley Building, Kedleston Road
  • OL1 and the Heap Lecture Theatre are accessible from the balcony above the shops in the Atrium.
  • MS is our Markeaton Street site
  • OFGS is our Law Building in the city centre
  • BM is our Britannia Mill site
  • Theatre is our Derby Theatre city centre site in the INTU centre

Most of our Subject Introductions take place at our Kedleston Road site, but if you need to travel between sites, there's a regular shuttle bus that can take you between our sites and there are buses to and from the University which will take you into the city.

There'll be a Joint Honours stand in the Atrium at Kedleston Road during induction week, with staff to help you find your way around and answer any queries.

 Click on one of the subjects that you'll be studying in the grid below and you'll be able to find the induction schedule for your combination of subjects

Accounting American Studies Analytics Architectural Design
Biology  Business Management
 Child & Family Health & Wellbeing  Counselling & Pscyhotherapy Principles & Practices
 Creative & Professional Writing       Criminology  Dance & Movement Studies  Early Childhood Studies
 Economics  Education Studies  English  English Language
 Environmental Hazards  Film & TV Studies  Geography  Geology
 History  Human Resource Management      International Relations & Diplomacy  Journalism
 Law  Marketing  Mathematics  Media Studies
 Popular Music Production  Property Development  Psychology  Sociology
 Sports & Exercise Studies  Theatre Studies  Third World Development  Zoology