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Exchange Students September 2017 Induction and Enrolment Information

‌‌Induction and Enrolment will help you understand how the Exchange Programme works, and find out information about the modules you will be studying.

You will meet academic and support staff, who'll be important to you during your study. As the Exchange Programme is part of the Joint Honours, they will be available to continue supporting you during your time with us if you need any extra advice.

You'll have the chance to find your way around the University so that you will be ready for the start of teaching on Monday 18th September 2017.

So what's going to happen during Induction and Enrolment?

Here is a '5 Steps' guide to the sessions you will attend at the Kedleston Road site and what will happen in them.

Step 1 - Exchange and International student activities

Our International team will be putting on a range of activities from Saturday 9th September for you to take part in if you wish to do so.  Find out more here  

Step 2 - Your Welcome Session and Induction sessions

You need to come along to the Welcome Session being held on Monday 11th September 11am to 1pm in room K103 at Kedleston Road.

At the Welcome Session members of our Joint Honours and Exchange team will give you information about what studying at Derby will mean to you. You will also get a chance to meet staff who are here to help you whilst you are studying at the University.

You will be taking modules from our Joint honours subjects. You will be very welcome at any of the subject introductions that will be taking place over the course of the week.  However, the subject introductions are run by subject areas, and your study may cross several subject areas.  You can ask at the Welcome Session which ones will be most appropriate for you to attend.  You can find the list of subjects and activities happening here.

Step 3 - Module Selection and Programme Advice

Following the Welcome Session you will be able to talk to joint honours advisers about your module choices. We may already know from you and your home university which modules you are expected to take during your time with us.  You will receive a Module Selection Form for you to take to Enrolment. If you have already filled out a similar form at your home university, we will have a copy of this available at the session for reference.  We will also help you fill out your individual timetable.

Staff from the Student Centre team who look after the administration for the Exchange Programme,  will be there to help you too. We are specially trained to help Exchange students with their studies, and are the best people to see about anything you don't understand. We're based in the Student Centre in the Atrium at Kedleston Road.

Step 4 - Enrolment and Confirmation of Enrolment

When you have chosen your modules, you will be able to take your signed module selection forms to Enrolment in the Library. Don't worry, we will show you how to get there.

When you arrive at Enrolment, you will be given your user name and password so that you can log onto a computer.  We want you to:

  • check and update your contact details (address, phone number etc)
  • enrol onto your modules using the module selection form you filled in with the joint honours advisers

There will be staff available in the Library to help you.

After you have enrolled, you will need to see someone for Confirmation of Enrolment, still in the Library. This is an important part of the process. At Confirmation of Enrolment, we check that your module enrolments are right and that you are registered on the correct programme.

At the same time, we will also take a digital photograph for your Student ID card. This will have your Student Number on it and will give you access to the library and learning resources.

Step 5 -  Teaching starts from Monday 18th September!

You'll be able to look up the timetabled teaching times and locations for your modules on our student portal UDo.  You'll get instructions on how to do this when you confirm your enrolment. 

Tap in logoRemember to carry your ID card around with you at all times, you'll need it to access some parts of the university, for taking out books from the library, and to Tap In to register your attendance in class.