Sports Fanatic

If you’re obsessed with sport and can’t imagine going a day without knowing how your team is performing or working up a sweat yourself, you’ll meet lots of like-minded people in Buxton. The town has loads of options for watching or playing sport, from tennis to rugby and football to netball, and a host of top-quality local tournaments. Whether you’re enjoying friendly rivalry over the big matches on TV in your local pub, bonding over the fortunes of Buxton FC or playing in a local team, you’re sure to create plenty of sport-related memories in Buxton.

If non team-based sports are up your street, Buxton has great swimming and golf facilities as well as gyms and exercise classes. For the more adventurous, Buxton is a mecca for outdoor sports like climbing, paragliding and water sports. Being part of the University gives you lots of sports clubs and societies to opt for, from trampolining to football, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to travel to matches, with some of the largest sporting grounds in the UK in striking distance of Buxton.

So whether you’re looking to stay fit and play sports yourself or follow favourite teams old and new, Buxton is the place to be.


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