Want to swap rooms? - Once you are here - University of Derby

Want to swap rooms?

Bed in standard room

If you want to change rooms, come and talk to us first.

If you are a Buxton student, speak to your Hall Manager about changing rooms. In Derby you can either speak directly with your Hall Manager or pop in to the Student Living Housing Centre to discuss your room change with one of our halls administrators. They will arrange your room change for you if it's possible.

To change rooms there's an administration fee of £25 that you'll need to pay before you move.  You will have to sign a new letting agreement to replace your existing one and we'll arrange a date for you to move.  When you've moved, we'll check your old room for damage.

What if the halls fees are different?

If your hall fees are now less than you have been paying, we'll refund the difference into your bank account.