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Noise in Halls

Noise affects everyone - local residents, your flatmates and other student residents.  Being considerate about noise works both ways. You won't want to be kept awake when you've got an exam or coursework deadline, so think about others when you're staying up late.

What to do if you're being disturbed by noise

Speak to your neighbours and explain that the noise is disturbing you.  Most people keep the noise down if you ask politely.

If this doesn’t work or you don’t want to speak to your neighbours directly , phone your hall mobile to report the problem.  It’s always best to report it at the time it’s actually happening.  We’ll then investigate the issue for you and take any necessary action.

What you can do to keep the noise down

  • Come in quietly after a night out.
  • Keep the volume of your music down or use headphones.
  • Don't put your speakers against an adjoining wall.
  • Close doors without slamming them.
  • Close windows and doors at night, so noise doesn't carry.
  • Use loud appliances, like washing machines and vacuum cleaners, during the day.
  • Practise your musical instrument during the day. 
  • Think when you're practising your musical instrument, do you need to use the amp? If so, keep it low.