Moving out checklist - Moving out - University of Derby

Moving out checklist


Don't forget to hand in all your keys and fobs before you leave.

Moving out day

Unless you've booked to stay on for the summer, you have to move out by 10am on the last day of your contract . If you want to stay beyond this date, even for one day, you will need to apply to live in halls for the summer.

Clearing up

  • Clean your room, communal and storage areas.
  • Clear all the rubbish from your room and the kitchen. Remember to recycle as much as you can or donate unwanted items to charity.
  • Empty the fridge/freezer and your food cupboards and give them a good clean.
  • Take all stickers, posters and blue tac off the walls.
  • Pack all your things from your room and the kitchen but remember if you live in halls you should leave your internet cable in your room. Any items left behind may be thrown away and you will be charged for the cost of disposal.

Other things you need to do:

  • Redirect your post - any mail which arrives after you've left will be returned to sender. Redirecting is easy and cheap. Go to for more information.
  • Shut all the windows and lock the door.
  • Return your room key, parking fob and biking shed key to the hall office or you'll be charged for each one.If there is no-one in the hall office when you are leaving please put your keys/card/fob in an envelope with your room number on and post them into the letterbox.
  • Sort out your transport home
  • Support our Pack for Good campaign by donating any unwanted items to charity. Charity bags will be delivered to your flats during May.

And what about next year?

By now, you should have sorted out your accommodation for next year. If you're hoping to move into halls you can apply online as long as you pay the £100 advanced booking payment. Apply now.