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Moving out

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When do I move out?

There is no need to move out and empty your room for the Christmas and Easter holidays. Although, if you are going home for the holidays it makes sense to take any valuables with you.

This year moving out day for most students is 30 June or 14 July for Flamsteed Court residents. Please vacate your room by 10am.

Most students will move out at the end of their 42 week contract (44 for Flamsteed Court).

Stay over the summer

If you would like to stay in halls over the summer, you can stay at Princess Alice Court. We recommend you apply for summer stays as soon as possible. If you already live in halls and will be moving to the Princess Alice Court for the summer, we recommend that you apply soon after Easter. Even if you only want to stay one day after your current contract finishes , you will still need to apply. You can do this by logging into your Student Living account or applying online.

Things to do when you leave halls

One of the most important things you can do when you leave halls is make sure everything is clean and tidy - that way you'll avoid unecessary charges. Use our moving out checklist to make sure you've done everything you need to.

Avoid extra charges

When you move out, make sure you haven't left any of your property in your flat and try to leave your room clean and undamaged.

We'll check everything after you've left against the inventory you completed on arrival. If your room needs any extra cleaning or repairs we will have to charge you for them.

You MUST also make sure that all communal areas are clean and tidy before you leave and you may be charged if there is any damage or cleaning required once you have left. Student Living will base these charges on key return dates. The minimum charge per person is £25.

What happens if I am charged?


Student Living is entitled to charge you under the terms outlined in the Student Letting Agreement.

Where to park when moving out

If someone with a car is coming to help you move out, please be aware there is limited parking at each hall.