Your communications package - Things to do when you arrive - University of Derby

Your internet and communications

Your WiFi

Your superfast broadband and WiFi service at Derby Uni halls is provided by ASK4. Hopefully most of the time your Wifi will work fine with your six devices but if not you can download the ASK4 app today to manage your account and access a host of user guides with one click.

Just search “ASK4” in the App Store or Google Play.

If you don't want to use the app, you can still get support:

  • Email for free:
  • Ring: 0114 3033232
  • Request a call back via text : 07797 800545

Student on laptop

Your TV

You will have access to over 18 Freeview TV and radio channels through your PC or laptop. Your computer will give you a better reception than a TV. However if you want to bring a TV for gaming that’s fine.

Your phone

Some rooms still have a landline phone in them. If you use the phone in your room, your internal calls to other people in halls and around the University are free, but you'll need to pay for your external calls.

You can find out your room telephone number by calling 175 from your handset.You pay for your external phone calls by buying credit from ask4 or contacting ask4. The credit on your phone is used up as you make a call in the same way as a pay as you go mobile. You can check your remaining balance by dialing 152.

If you're not available to answer your phone, your calls will go to voicemail. Dial 2500 to listen to your messages.