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TV Licence

‌When do you need a TV licence?

Anyone who watches live TV broadcasts or BBC programmes on iPlayer (live, catch up or on demand) in their room requires a TV licence. It doesn’t matter what device you watch it on. If you don’t have a licence and you do watch TV in your room you risk a fine of up to £1000 plus court costs.

You do not need a TV licence if you’re watching programmes on catch up/on demand (excluding those from the BBC).

If you use television-receiving equipment without a valid TV Licence, you risk prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000, plus court costs.

If you wish to arrange a refund or would like further information, simply click on the following link: TV Licensing for Students or call TV Licensing on 0300 790 6090.

For more information:

T: 0844 800 6734 W: TV licensing website

Flats with TV lounges

If you live in a flat that has a TV lounge and a TV that we've provided, and you still watch live TV in your room, you will still need to buy a licence. The flats that have a TV lounge with a TV provided are:

  • En suite plus rooms at Sir Peter Hilton Court
  • Standard plus and large standard plus rooms at Lonsdale Hall
  • All flats in Laverstoke Court
  • All flats in Flamsteed Court