Things to do when you arrive - Moving in - University of Derby

Things to do when you arrive

Students with tea, biscuits and Ipad

There are lots of things to get sorted when you get here 

  • Have a cuppa with your new flatmates
  • Fill in your inventory form and return it to your Hall Manager
  • Complete your emergency contact form and return it to your Hall Manager
  • Set up your computer and internet connection
  • To keep up to date with everything that is happening on campus and in halls join Browzer
  • Attend the Welcome Meeting at your halls
  • Sort out storage for your bike or canoe with your Hall Manager
  • Ring home to let your family know how you're getting on
  • Find out your room telephone number by calling 175 on your handset
  • Get a TV Licence 
  • Make sure all your stuff is insured.  Find out more.
  • Register with a doctor and dentist
  • Enrol on your course
  • Make sure you're registered to vote.
  • Go to the Freshers' Fortnight if you are moving into halls in September
  • Make your room your own with posters and all your knick knacks