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Is there WIFI and a landline connection?


Yes. On arrival you'll be given a booklet from Ask4, our communications provider.  This booklet will contain all the advice you need about your internet connection, including where to get support, how to get the best from your connection and how to purchase products and upgrades over and above the basic package, which is included in your hall fees. Please refer to this booklet for all your internet queries.

Your phone

Yes. If you use the phone in your room, your internal calls to other people in halls and around the University are free, but you'll need to pay for your external calls.

You can find out your room telephone number by calling 175 from your handset. You pay for your external phone calls by buying credit from Ask4 or contacting Ask4. The credit on your phone is used up as you make a call in the same way as a pay as you go mobile. You can check your remaining balance by dialling 152.

If you're not available to answer your phone, your calls will go to voicemail. Dial 2500 to listen to your messages.

Having problems?

If you have any problems using the internet, phone or TV service please contact the Ask4 support team:

0114 3033232 (phone)

07797 800 545 (SMS callback) (email)