University's bank details

University of Derby bank account details

Bank account name:                            University of Derby, Student Income


Bank name and address:                  Barclays Bank Plc

                                                              Sir Frank Whittle Road Branch

                                                              PO Box 5906

                                                              Sir Frank Whittle Road


                                                              DE1 9NT


Bank account number:                         13299198


Sort code:                                              20-25-85


BIC code:                                               BARCGB22


The IBAN for this account is:               GB54 BARC 2025 8513 2991 98

Proof of deposit into the account should be sent to the University Finance Department to ensure you payment can be identified. Invoice or reference numbers should be quoted.

Please note that transfers into the account from outside the UK are subject to bank commission and charges that may result in the amount received from you being less than you sent or owe to the University. You should ensure your payment is sufficient to cover this.