Applying to live with friends

If you want to live with a selected group of friends in halls, this is what you need to do:

  • Get together with your friends and agree the room type and which hall of residence you want to live in
  • Make sure everyone is able to pay the advanced booking payment. Applications are not valid without it
  • Get your friends to give you their student number, you'll need it to apply. Make sure they have yours
  • Get together and apply at the same time, asking for the same hall, the same room type and quoting your friends' student numbers
  • Make sure you all pay the advanced booking payment when you apply

If you do this correctly you should hear from us within two working days, so check your emails.

The golden rule

If your friends don't apply and you do, we have no proof they want to live with you so remember the golden rule: All apply within the same 24 hours.

If you experience any problems don't hesitate to contact us for assistance and remember the earlier you apply the more chance you have of getting the flat that you want.