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Foundations of Health Psychology Clinical Practice

University of Derby, Students

Gain an understanding of the foundations of health psychology clinical practice

Foundations of Health Pyschology Clinical Practice 

Delivered By: Sasha Cain & Dr Claire Hallas - Practitioner Health Psychologists, SCCH Health Psychology Consulting LLP.

Location: University of Derby, Kedleston Road, Derby, DE22 1GB

Date: Tuesday 20th June 2017

Price: Students / Trainees £125, Qualified Professionals £150

The course is suitable for qualified health psychologists, and those in training wishing to learn about and develop their applied practice skills and the processes involved in setting up a safe, effective and ethical health psychology service.

What will be covered by the course?

1. Standard of health pyschology clinical practice:

  • Ethical issues e.g consent, confidentiality 
  • Legal requirements for safe practice
  • CPD requirements & HCPC expectations/BPS standards of practice and their implications for practice

2. Setting up new services versus working in existing services:

  • Setting up services: private/public
  • Referral process and management
  • Working within service constraint
  • Job role seniority and responsibility
  • Structure of services within the larger team/organisation
  • Relationship management e.g. family, multi-disciplinary teams
  • Support and supervision/liaison

3. Professional behaviour when working with clients:

  • Clinical skills e.g communication styles, listening skills, collaboration, rapport
  • Personal awareness and boundaries
  • Therapeutic alliance between psychologist-client
  • Informed consent, mental capacity and risk management
  • Issues relating to assessment and formulation

How will this course help me?

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of health psychology clinical practice by being able to:

  • Describe the basic legal, ethical and clinical standards of health psychology safe practice
  • Understand the processes involved in setting up and delivering a safe health psychology service
  • Describe the professional behaviours required to develop the psychologist-client relationship
  • Be self-aware of the personal factors that can impact on clinical practice effectiveness
  • Use clinical judgement skills to reflect on clinical practice issues
  • Identify key changes in clinical practice that they intend to implement within their current role

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