How can your business work with the University of Derby? video transcript

Judith Lamie, Pro Vice-Chancellor - External Affairs, University of Derby: We know that there is no single solution to individual business challenges, so at the University of Derby we work with businesses in lots of different ways to really help you achieve your objectives.

[Screen moves to the offices of SureScreen]

David Campbell, Director, SureScreen: I think in any business you find it's difficult to get the expertise, partnering with the University of Derby has really helped because they have that expertise in-house so we can run things past them we can work on joint projects.

[Screen moves to a man injecting a substance into a test tube]

Jane Sanders, Capability Development Manager, Bombardier: I've always found the university really approachable and therefore they were my first point of call when I wanted to look at Apprenticeship programs, they're flexible and they are interested in our business focus.

[Screen moves to the Enterprise Centre]

John Forkin, Marketing Director, Marketing Derby: We received some funding from the university and indeed one of senior managers sits on our board so we are a real key strategic partner.

Craig Barker, Director, Koobr: We were introduced to the Knowledge Exchange Scheme about 18 months ago, the process was made incredibly easy for us, the staff were incredibly supportive as far as schemes go that are there to help businesses, whether it be through funding and support, it's one of the best ones that we've been through.

[Screen moves to two men using metal machinery]

Phil Mason, Production Director, TidyCo: I met various people from the university who made me aware that there was European funding available and if I was able to come up with a project or something that we could actually draw down that funding, they would be able to help me with that project. We're a small company we don't have a plethora of people to fill paper work out so the the help and guidance that the university gave me meant that we did the project and I think without them we probably wouldn't have done it.

Leigh Timmis, World Record Holder, Fastest cycle across Europe: I got involved with the university at the beginning of the world record project so I needed to put together a team of experts who could deliver all the experience and knowledge that were required to be the best team in the world at that moment, to have a physiologist who could deliver every aspect of the physical training that was needed and to have the psychology on board as well to have those two elements that were so intrinsic to our project in the same place were wonderful.

[Screen moves to Leigh, riding a bike in a lab]

Andy Flinn, Group CEO, RDS Global: The University of Derby is an important partner to RDS Global and it is bringing programs such as the Invest to  Grow and also the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, to help develop our company, our people that helped us put together a process that worked for a number of people in the business where they could engage, look at how we could develop as a partnership, we feel that that's been an invaluable part of the success of RDS Global.

Craig Barker: By having the support of the university and other business peers has helped us to keep going when things have been tough but making us the success that we are today.

Leigh Timmis: When you look at a university you were always just gonna I'm gonna go to university to pick up a degree you don't look at the university as an athlete and go you know what I could go into there and work with a whole team of professionals to build a project that would be able to excel what I could do with private companies.

John Forkin: My message to businesses is all of us need to really calibrate what we think the university is, what I would urge all businesses to do is to call the number, pop in for a coffee and just see where the conversation might lead.

[Screen moves to Derby City Centre]

Julie Stone, Assistant Pro Vice-Chancellor - External Affairs, University of Derby: Derby has transformed into a vibrant modern city but with business remaining at its core and we're sure that by working in collaboration we can continue to help businesses overcome their challenges and achieve their objectives.

[Screen ends on the Enterprise Centre and the university of Derby Logo]

How can your business work with the University of Derby? video

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