Regroup, Recruit
and Rebuild

We understand that this can be an uncertain time to recruit, and to help ease this we are able to support Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire SMEs with £1000 funding to recruit any individual that has graduated within the last 3 years.

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About our Driven Programme

The University of Derby is driven to assist small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to recruit graduate talent and fill skills gaps. The Driven programme provides eligible SMEs with free recruitment and training support, complete with funding through the University of Derby's GRADS for D2N2 project. 

The GRADS for D2N2 project is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and is part of the ESF High Level Skills programme. ESF supports activities to extend employment opportunities and develop a skilled workforce. The GRADS for D2N2 project is delivered by the University of Derby as part of the High Level Skills consortium which also includes Nottingham Trent University, Derby College, Nottingham College, and Nottingham City Council.

In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we have adapted our service to provide businesses with a wide range of remote working internships. This means we can work with more SMEs than ever before, including those who might not have had the office space to accommodate an intern. Now is the time to REGROUP, RECRUIT and REBUILD your workforce. Find out how the University of Derby can support you:


Whether you’re thinking of growing, expanding or simply adapting to new and recent challenges, now is the time to regroup as a company. We can help formulate the next best steps for your business, providing a full recruitment cycle role. We offer vacancy promotion, application sifting, and shortlisting free of charge, whilst adding value through our on-boarding support. You will also gain access to our vast pool of next-generation talent to help get you started.

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Receive 400 hours internship funding and build your workforce. We can help you to find, attract, assess and position the very best in graduate talent to fit within your organisation. In addition, we can help train and develop candidates within their role to further support your long term business objectives.

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From leadership skills to digital marketing, we can further develop your workforce capabilities through our Advanced Skills Programme. Whatever your goals, the University of Derby can help you to rebuild and strengthen through a variety of long term business support schemes and courses, working together for a better future.

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Rebuild your workforce by partnering with the University of Derby

Start now - call the team to find out more about how we can help you: Tel: +44 (0) 1332 592939

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Driven intern helps to develop a delivery strategy for ethical ice cream company

Just-Ice, a Derbyshire ethical ice cream company and social enterprise provides employment to victims of human trafficking. Since January 2020 Just-Ice have formed a strong partnership with the University of Derby including access to our talent pool and support funding.

Read more about our partnership with Just IceRead more about our partnership with Just Ice