Why work for an SME? Just-Ice: Ethical Ice Cream video transcript

I'm Sally Murray and i'm a Director of Just-Ice and we're an ethical ice cream company. My role at the company in just ice is to look after our employees and we're a social enterprise and we exist to provide employment for survivors of human trafficking so my role is to help them settle in and to look after their contracts and their work conditions and do a lot of the behind the scenes admin. Why would an intern work for an SME like us? we have just got three full-time employees and six part-time ones, because if you came to  us you would make a difference if you are an intern and you start our tub club you've actually  basically started a small business for us, you get to do a little bit of everything rather than just one particular area, so the value of an intern for us would be twofold one would be that they would become aware of the issue of trafficking which is the reason we exist and the other would be they're a time resource and at the moment we're really time-starved we're a small social enterprise and we've got loads of ideas so if interns could come alongside and help us get some of those ideas into being that would be fantastic.

Why work for an SME? Just-Ice: Ethical Ice Cream video

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