Form a partnership with the University of Derby to access the skills and expertise needed to help your business develop.

Accelerating business innovation

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) can last for between 12 months and three years and are part-funded by a government grant. You can use a KTP to:

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

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What is a KTP?

A KTP is a partnership between your organisation (the company), the University (the knowledge base) and a recent graduate (KTP associate). This partnership is formed to work on a specific project that addresses a business need. The overall aim of the KTP is to help your business make a step change in an area that you have identified as a high priority.

Working with your organisation, the Associate leverages the knowledge, skills and technology available within the University of Derby, to work on the project. The Associate is closely supervised and supported by an academic expert as well as by someone within your business.

The project possibilities are endless. For example, your project could involve:

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The University has secured government funding for a new KTP

Aquis Exchange PLC and the University are to collaborate on a research and development project based around machine learning.

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RDS Global Ltd

To help achieve its aim of developing a wider range of products and services, RDS Global sought funding from Invest to Grow programme.

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Management KTPs (MKTPs)

Just like traditional KTPs, MKTPs create a three-way partnership between your company, a team of academic experts and a skilled graduate. However, the focus with MKTPs is on improving management practices.

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How does it work?

With our help you will identify an academic or researcher who has the right expertise for your organisation. You will then define and agree a project that will enable you to draw on their expertise and apply it to your business. The agreed project could be for any length of time between 12 months to three years, depending on your business need. 

What types of organisations can apply for a KTP?

Any business sector can apply, including ‘not for profit’ and public sector organisations.

What will it cost my organisation?

A KTP is part-funded by a government grant. A small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) would be expected to contribute about a third of the costs involved in the project — usually at least £25,000 per year.

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Chatsworth House

Measuring the economic impact of Chatsworth House

Through a two-year KTP, we are helping Chatsworth House — one of the country’s most popular stately homes — to measure its economic impact.

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