What we offer

Within the policing discipline, our expertise is clustered around these areas:

Courses and bespoke training

We offer bespoke training programmes tailored to your organisation’s needs. Example subject areas include:

  • Business crime
  • Comparative policing and criminal justice
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Criminal procedure and police leadership
  • Critical incident, crisis and disaster management
  • Forensic analysis of evidence
  • High-tech crime
  • Intelligence, surveillance and interception
  • International criminal law
  • Investigating Modern Slavery
  • Investigation of sexual offences against children
  • Investigation of suspects
  • Law and investigation of human rights violation
  • Legal issues and police leadership
  • Police leadership and organisational transformation
  • Post-blast investigation
  • Transnational organised crime
  • Vulnerable victims and witnesses

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Transforming your training into recognised qualifications

We believe that the best police education is provided locally, by police and educators who are working in that society.

We can help you develop the skills, quality assurance, curriculum and research capability to transform your police training into police education, which is the enabler of a safe and secure society. This process is called accreditation.

Our Institute can bring to bear considerable experience, having gone through the process of independently accrediting 13 states and three Federal territories, based on international and UK policing standards. Our experienced team can support you by mapping your existing courses to professional standards, or work with you to design new programmes, which meet your workforce development needs. 

Our courses are carefully designed to match not only your requirements, but also to meet the rigorous standards of the UK’s Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency. Wherever possible, we develop assessments that are based on real work activity.

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Research fellowships and partnerships

We undertake commissioned research and consultancy projects, which aid the development of law, policy and practice. We also welcome:

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