Professor Malcolm Todd BA PhD, Pro Vice-Chancellor - Student Experience

Malcolm joined the University of Derby in 2014 as Dean of the College of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, after three years at Leeds Beckett University, where he was the Head of the School for Social, Psychological and Communication Sciences.

Malcolm is a national teaching fellow and has published widely on issues of race, ethnicity, democracy and social policy. He is a visiting professor at a New York university and has experience of working in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. 

Providing the best environment for learning

Malcolm is supported by a team of highly qualified, dedicated professionals — who are committed to research and to their teaching, and providing their students with the very best environment for learning.

It is the University’s commitment to providing an inclusive and supportive learning environment — whose staff take the time to get to know all their students — that significantly enhances the personalised student experience.

Creating the Institute

When Malcolm took over as Dean of the College there were a number of high profile but disparate projects taking place in the UK and overseas around the subjects of policing and criminology, including a major accreditation programme with the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP).

Although the various projects were being undertaken by staff based within the College, there was no unifying element that brought the diverse strands together. 

After consulting with colleagues, Malcolm put forward a proposal to the Vice-Chancellor to establish a separate vehicle that would enable the co-ordination and management of the range of projects that were all related to the raising of standards of policing in the UK and overseas.

Malcolm envisaged that the new body would also acknowledge and draw on the significant experience of the academic staff working on the projects, which included a number of experienced former police officers. 

Vision for the Institute

The University approved the establishment of the International Policing and Justice Institute and Malcolm worked closely with staff within his College and others to develop the concept of the Institute and to properly articulate its aims and objectives: a commitment to best practice for the best policing standards and to support the ongoing professionalisation of policing.

These aims will be achieved through training, accreditation, research and drawing on the experiences of the former frontline officers.

The Institute will build on the work already completed with the governments in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, and Malcolm sees significant opportunities for the Institute given the expertise of the staff and the quality of its partners, which will deliver the highest quality of police training to create a truly international institute. It is is also exploring opportunities in Kuwait, Qatar and Bangladesh. 

For Malcolm, the strength of the Institute is its academic excellence, which will be enhanced and enriched by its personnel proactively exploring new research opportunities, which are likely to attract research grant funding from the UK, the EU and the rest of the world. 

The MSc Police Leadership, Strategy and Organisation which is already recruiting very well in the UK and abroad, including students from the UAE, will ensure graduates take the knowledge they acquire here back into their home countries. This will help to build the Institute’s networks and raise its profile.

The future of the Institute

Malcolm is committed to working with partners and regional hubs, and utilising in-country expertise; he is also keen for the Institute to develop scholarships and awards so that individuals can study for a masters or PhD either in Derby or in their own country.

In developing and strengthening the Institute’s link with its partners, Malcolm and his team have created the Malaysia Police Family Scholarship Fund, which offers scholarships and discounts for Malaysian nationals to study in the UK; and in the next 12-18 months there are plans to develop additional scholarships for PhDs.

As the partnership with the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) develops, Malcolm is planning to have staff from the Institute undertake research projects and teach in Malaysia, with the possibility of supervising PhD students in-country.

He is also very keen for their undergraduates and postgraduates to experience Malaysia, and to work with the RMP to develop their relationship through study visits and work experience opportunities. 

The Institute will also be looking at the wider issues that affect modern policing and justice, including architecture and crime — exploring how architects can design out opportunities for crime — and working with colleagues in the College of Engineering, Computing and Technology, as well as within the College of Health. 

Coinciding with the launch of the Institute is its move to new facilities at One Friar Gate Square, Derby, a contemporary £20m building that will also be the new home for the Derby Law School. This is a reflection of the University’s commitment to policing and justice, and to establishing Derby as a national and international centre of excellence.

Malcolm’s short-term aim is to establish the Institute as a recognisable entity that can offer a range of services — from accreditation and CPD courses to consultancy and bespoke research.

Over the next three to five years, it is Malcolm’s intention to have established the Institute as the leading global institute for police quality, accreditation and training. It is a bold ambition but Malcolm is confident that his colleagues have the drive, ability and capacity to achieve this goal.