International Centre of Excellence in Policing and Criminal Justice

The International Centre of Excellence in Policing and Criminal Justice provides effective thought leadership in the pursuance of policing and criminal justice excellence locally, nationally and internationally through the development and delivery of police and criminal justice training, accreditation, continual professional development, research and bespoke consultancy.

Our aim

We aim to provide world class policing and criminal justice solutions and promote research and innovations that recognise that different cultures, geographies and countries may require different policing and criminal justice solutions. 


The Centre brings together a diverse group of researchers, academics and practitioners who seek to develop innovative policy relevant research, which not only has international impact but also informs our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We aim to influence policy and promote best practice informed through an evidence base to deliver excellence in policing, community safety and criminal justice. The Centre also establishes links at local, national and international level and works in collaboration with a number of criminal justice agencies and policy makers.


Our research is methodologically robust, theoretically informed and internationally respected, relevant to current and future policing and criminal justice challenges. We directly inform policy and practice whilst producing project evaluations which translate research evidence into practical solutions for policing and criminal justice agencies. The centre also promotes excellence through innovation and shows a clear relationship between research evidence and the training and professional development of practitioners.

Research themes 

We have recently conducted studies on a wide variety of subjects, including: 

The team

All of our experts have experience of working in the field, many as senior figures. Made up of former chief constables, inspectors of UK police forces, police trainers, senior criminal investigators, senior customs officers and researchers, our tutors and advisers offer valuable practical experience and insight, as well as the latest academic theory and thinking.

The team includes: