Work Experience and Live Briefs

Linking closely to the objectives of our Learning and Teaching Strategy, our second-year students are required to undertake a minimum of 30 hours of work experience which is embedded into their curriculum.  This can take the form of either a real-world placement or a Live Brief.  With a real-world placement, the student(s) will come and work in your organisation for the 30 hours, gaining experience in some of the processes and practicalities of working within the industry.  With a Live Brief, we will work with you and the academic team to shape a specific project for a team or larger group of students to solve a problem, create something, develop a new product or process, or conduct some real-world research which links both to their learning objectives and the industry they are preparing for through their studies.

These opportunities are invaluable to our students in developing not only their practical, subject-specific skills but also their employability skills and awareness of the rigours of the world of work. We greatly appreciate the support of local employers and organisations in providing such experiences and receive extremely positive feedback about the impact on their organisations.

If you feel that you could offer work experience in either form to our students, please contact our Employer Engagement Team on 01332 592939 or

Real world projects

Many courses include opportunities for students to work on real projects with employers. If you are developing a new idea, planning an event or marketing campaign, need research or evaluation of your business you can set a challenge to students. Projects could be a group assignment in a course and supervised by an academic expert or be a student’s dissertation project. These are excellent opportunities for students to work on real-world problems and projects with all the challenges that these bring.

To find out more please call the Employer Engagement Team on 01332 592939 or email us at

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a Government funded scheme that helps businesses access the UK skills and knowledge base. It provides funding for a 2/3-year strategic project within businesses.

It is a 3-way partnership between a business, a recent high calibre graduate and the University, where all three partners benefit. It requires a permanent transfer of knowledge from the university to the business.

The business gets:

To find out more please contact Dr Amanda Baxendale, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Manager, on 01332 597815 or email