Business Internship at the University of Derby video transcript

Music plays as student intern Anna Hernady is seen moving around the University of Derby's Enterprise Centre, speaking to various people. We do not hear their conversations.

Anna: "Hi my name is Anna. I study IT Management for Business here at the University of Derby and I just finished my one-month internship here at the Enterprise Centre and I worked with the Business Gateway team."

Music plays as Anna walks into the Enterprise Centre and speaks to the receptionist. We do not hear their conversation.

Anna: "I worked on various different projects with different teams including Business Gateway, Incubation and Conferencing. I've attended many networking events where I had the chance to meet different people from different businesses.

"It's been great to provide my academic skills to real business environment. If you get a chance to do an internship, I would highly recommend it. Definitely do it!"

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