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Share your knowledge

It is invaluable for students to understand first-hand the experiences of employers and there are a number of ways you can get involved

Employer mentoring

Employer Mentoring is an invaluable way for students to understand first-hand the experiences of employers and for employers to make a positive impact on our students as they navigate the graduate recruitment market.

Our mentoring scheme is an effective way of sharing your knowledge, further developing your coaching and mentoring skills and encouraging someone interested in a career in your sector. This established and flexible scheme has been a successful way of introducing students to the world of business.

By participating you can:

  • Raise the profile of your company and its products or services with students and graduates.
  • Spot future talent and save on recruitment costs.
  • Support your organisation's social responsibility agenda.
  • Enhance yours or your staff's coaching, mentoring skills, and experience.
  • Increase your organisation's networking opportunities.
  • Help our students to gain skills and expertise employers want to be successful in the graduate recruitment market.

What does the Mentoring Scheme involve?

  • As little as an eight hour commitment from January-May 2018
  • Flexibility in how, when and where you meet your student including face to face, skype, email and phone.
  • Attending our Meet your Mentor event on 25th January 2018

How do I get involved?

It's easy to become a mentor – complete our expression of interest form, or find out more by contacting us on 01332 592939 or emailing

Skills and information sessions

Providing skills or information sessions are an excellent way to get involved with the students. They help the students to have an understanding of the skills they need for their job-hunting and future careers and it helps build the students’ understanding of your organisation.

Sessions could include:

  • Mock interviews and assessment centres
  • Interview skills
  • Commercial awareness workshop
  • Workshops giving understanding into a particular career area.

To discuss how you can share you knowledge with our students in more detail please call the Employer Engagement Team on 01332 592939 or email us.

It is invaluable for students to understand first-hand the experiences of employers


“The link made between the students and the working environment through the mentoring process will not only benefit students but also companies, who can see the high calibre of candidates that are graduating. Students find it beneficial and rewarding as relationships are built within organisations.

Students grasp onto the advice and coaching offered to give them the confidence and ability to forward their careers in the working environment”.

Mick Ward, Bombardier