UK Partnerships

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The University of Derby is ambitious, innovative and modern, offering flexible and accessible high quality learning to a national and global audience.

Working in partnership with other institutions is fundamental to the way in which we promote participation in higher and further education, contribute to regional economic growth and strengthen our reputation and we welcome the opportunity to partner with institutions who share this goal.

We have a number of long standing, mature partnerships, including 12 UK partners (with circa 1000 students studying University of Derby awards) and 14 international partners (with circa 3,500 students studying University of Derby awards).

The University defines a collaborative partnership as all arrangements leading to the University making an award, or giving credit towards an award, on the basis of education provided by, with, or at another organisation in the UK or overseas. We ensure close and effective engagement with all of our partners to increase access to further and higher education and all of our partnership arrangements are operated to the standards and quality processes regulated by the UK Quality Assurance Agency.

The University has a strong track record when it comes to academic quality and this has manifested itself in a number of recent audit reports including the QAA’s audit of the University’s transnational education partnerships in Greece and our most recent QAA Higher Education Review (April 2016) which cited “The support provided by the University to its partner college staff, which is well developed and embedded”, as one of our 3 features of “good practice”.

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We work in Partnership with the following UK institutions: