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Our workshops, delivered in our specialist Human Performance Unit, are designed to take the knowledge-base of coaches and athletes to an advanced level.

Performing Under Pressure

Date: Wednesday 15 November

Cost: £25 per person

The aim of this workshop is to provide athletes and coaches with an understanding of the crucial factors that influence performance under pressure. Throughout the workshop a discussion will take place on 'what is pressure?' and how pressure influences both teams and individuals differently. Lastly, athletes will be provided with a 7-step plan for how to cope effectively with pressure to get the most out of their performance.

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Assessing Your Movement: An Introduction To Basic Movement Patterns

Date: Wednesday 29 November

Cost: £25 per person

This session will introduce delegates to the different methods of self-assessment in relation to improving functional mobility, movement and performance of an athlete. Guidance will be provided for both coaches and athletes to ensure an insight into how bodily movements can be tested, interpreted and also covering areas of thought around corrective techniques and exercises. 

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Contemporary Training Methods To Suit A Busy Schedule

Date: Wednesday 13 December

Cost: £25 per person

‌In a world where time is precious, getting those long runs in to improve endurance performance can be quite a challenge. Recent developments in the understanding of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) have sparked an increase in the use of this novel training technique, but what might this look like in practice and how do you ensure that you get the proposed benefits that can positively influence performance? The aim of this seminar session is to review the recent developments in both the acute and chronic physiological responses to HIIT programmes and to share tips and advice on how to ensure that your training is giving you the biggest benefit.

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