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Our Team

Dr Philip Clarke - Lecturer in Psychology, University of Derby

Phil has an extensive background in providing psychological support for a number of clients and athletes across the sports performance spectrum. His PhD research concentrated on the YIPs phenomena in sport and following this continues to work regularly in performance sport. He once ran the length of Ireland to raise money for charity and uses his expertise of performing under pressure to help coaches and athletes develop skill sets that can positively influence performance.

Dr Philip Clarke

Jennifer Wilson - Lecturer in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, University of Derby 

Jen has over 10 years of experience in the Sport and Exercise industry working as a Sports Therapist and coach. A member of the Society of Therapists, her main areas of interest are in late-stage injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. Jen is currently undertaking a Doctor of Professional Studies to investigate foot mechanics and function. As well as competing regularly, Jen also provides coaching to clients to optimise athletic performance.

Jennifer Wilson

Dr Mark Faghy - Lecturer in Sports Science and Exercise Physiology, University of Derby 

Mark is an academic and applied sports scientist from the University with years of experience from working with professional sports teams and athletes including football, athletics and Moto GP. His PhD research saw the application of Sports Science to the military groups and has been recognised with a number of awards for this work. As well as providing academic content on the University Sports courses, he currently researches both clinically and in the performance sector and continues to provide sports science support.