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Running Package

Our services are specifically tailored to provide support to a wide range of sports, and for athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite performers

Running Package

Whether you are starting out as a runner, aiming to improve your personal best or preparing specifically for a competition we have a bespoke package to support you and help you achieve your goals. Understanding your body’s current capabilities means you will be more efficient with your training, helping you to achieve your goals.  As a professional unit we acknowledge that clients are continually looking to address small components of their sport in order to improve performance, we therefore provide the opportunity to develop a bespoke package that can include all or a combination of any options detailed below.

Physiology Assessments

The purpose of physiological testing is to provide information that can be used to both optimise training and enhance performance. Getting your training intensities correct and working on the right things at the right stage of the year means you aren’t wasting precious training time. The risks of injury, illness and overtraining can also be reduced as a consequence of utilising evidence based practice. The main physiological variables that impact on performance will vary depending on the event you do, so getting your training right for your event and also for your current physiological status is important.

The run test will comprise of two key parts (submaximal and maximal) and includes measures of running economy, maximal heart rate and O2max to coincide with corresponding heart rates and running speeds. Following a comprehensive warm up, participants will begin the test at an individualised intensity that is determined by our pre-screening process. This is adjusted according to important factors such as seasonal factors, current training levels and level of competition. The adjustment here is necessary to ensure that the test is pitched at the correct level for each athlete and that all important components of fitness are assessed suitably, thus allowing our staff to provide the appropriate guidance.  The nature of the test is incremental meaning that the intensity of the test will continue to increase (usually in 60 s intervals) until you reach exhaustion.

Musculoskeletal Screening

Early identification of musculoskeletal problems such as reduced joint mobility, limb asymmetry or poor limb alignment can reduce the occurrence of acute and chronic injury, and enhance performance through the development of appropriate conditioning exercise programmes.

Gait Analysis

Have your running gait filmed and analysed using specialist software that allows our expert staff to pin-point any causes or potential causes of injury. These can then be addressed through appropriate treatment or exercise programmes. This assessment will also help you choose the most appropriate running shoes for your running style.


Following your visit to the clinic our expert staff will analyse your data and prepare a detailed written report explaining your results, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and giving training advice and guidelines based on your results.

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