Cameron McQueen

As Co-owner and Director of Turning Point Brew Co, Cameron saw his dream of running his own brewery come true.

Cameron saw his dream of running his own brewery come true in 2017 when he teamed up with his business partner to set up Turning Point Brew Co. Having decided to pursue a passion for creating great beer, the pair learned all they could about brewing and the beer industry.

Taking the time to hone their craft has helped the company go from strength to strength. Turning Point Brew Co has received domestic and international acclaim and is now recognised as a reputable brewer in the UK beer scene. Cameron has also taken time to develop his leadership skills, which helped him successfully navigate through a challenging period during the pandemic.

To this point, the company is completely independent of any external financial support. Outputs from the business have expanded by over 600 percent between the first and fourth years of trading. Before the brewery, Cameron worked as General Manager at the Falcon Tap, where he oversaw the completion of the renovation works and directed the business in preparation for opening. His key interests include playing the guitar, investing, running, and working on his personal growth and productivity.

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