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Our mentors will provide you with one-to-one guidance as part of the Help to Grow Management programme. Mentoring will offer you personalised support to develop your business growth plan. From leadership roles in industry to academic practice and teaching, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience for you to take advantage of. They are ready to help you and your business grow and succeed. 
Find out more about our mentors who will be supporting with the programme. Explore their experience to see the support they could provide you. The below is not a complete list of our mentors.
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Help to Grow: Management

Help to Grow: Management programme will support senior managers of small and medium-sized businesses to boost their business’s performance, resilience and long-term growth.

Find out more about the programmeFind out more about the programme
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Dr Koushik Das Sarma, Programme Leader

"Resilience is not just the ability to act quickly to immediate problems, it is also the strength to visualise and deliver the change that is required through a long-term lens."

Find out more about SME resilience in Koushik's blogFind out more about SME resilience in Koushik's blog