Help to Grow: Management, Meet the Personal Tutor: Dr Koushik Das Sarma video transcript

I'm the program leader for the Help to Grow management program at the University of Derby. In my profile my main focus is on ensuring a high quality academic delivery, So that this whole program can be delivered to the business leaders in a customised way which helps them to double up their business growth using this program.

As you will understand, this is not a regular program for a regular group of students. These are all well established business leaders and the last thing they would want is a formal academic framework. So here, what we do is we look at their businesses and we look at the challenges that they are encountering and map it over the business environment where they are working right now and look at how they can improve upon productivity and take their businesses to the next level.

So we literally walk that journey with them through this program and we try to come up with an actionable plan which they can implement in their business. So this program is divided into three layers. What we do is we start off with a face to face interactive session where all the participants take part. And there, we introduce the topic. And then the next level of intense discussion happens during the peer group sessions, where we divide each cohort into smaller peer groups and they go through more intense discussion.
Then the next level is mentoring which is 1 to 1 and where we assign a dedicated mentor to each the participants to take them through their journey.

Abusiness environment is anything but static these days. What we try to encourage all of the business leaders to do is to go back to the drawing board, press the pause button, look at your business from an outsider's perspective, look at your strategy and see if there is any scope for improvement. And, that's the importance of proactive resilience, where you get to identify the challenges that are not only present today but the challenges that you will encounter in the future.

Help to Grow: Management, Meet the Personal Tutor: Dr Koushik Das Sarma video

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