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Derby city and derbyshire county council provide business support through the award-winning decarbonised project.

The project aims to reduce the carbon emissions of small and medium-sized businesses by providing energy efficiency audits and impartial advice to foster improvement and innovation. This is primarily achieved by helping to fund carbon reduction measures and through the development and implementation of lower carbon business processes, the use of renewable energy generating technologies and development of lower carbon products.

The decarbonised project is open to small and medium enterprises from across Derby and Derbyshire. We have successfully helped over 500 businesses. 

Adrian Baker, Director of Baker Engineering:

"As part of the structure, of Baker Engineering, we're a forward-looking company and we want to implement energy efficiency all the way through the business. We have the funding for the air compressor which is a very important piece of machinery for us because none of the other machines can work without it. We did have an older one that ran all the time - it was quite noisy and kept breaking down. With the help of Derby City Council we've been able to purchase a new one which has a variable speed and it only runs as and when the air is required. It's far more efficient than the old one running wise, cost wise and repair wise.

Matthew Holmes, Deputy Leader, Derby City Council:

"I think it's really important that Derby City Council support businesses to reduce carbon emissions. We have a project team that can work with businesses and grants are available. Ultimately this will help businesses to reduce operating costs. It's really important because this is a global problem but here in Derby we want to work in a partnership with businesses to do our bit to reduce carbon emissions."

The government and councils have committed to reducing carbon emissions to net zero in the coming decades. Businesses need to play their part and Decarbonise can support them with reducing emissions, saving money and making their business more resilient. Here in Derby we have a strong record of providing business support in this area and we now have grants of between one thousand and twenty thousand pounds available to part fund a variety of low-carbon measures.

One of the businesses we have worked with is Guy Taylor Associates an architectural firm based in Derby.

Paul Stanton, Director of Guy Taylor Associates:

"The city council helped us to improve the energy efficiency of this building. We insulated the walls, we insulated the roof and secondary glazed the historic windows. We provided a new energy efficient boiler
for the building, we replaced all the electrics and upgraded all of the lighting to LED lighting."

Another local business we have been happy to support is Norcon Computers who have had two heat pump air
conditioning units installed replacing inefficient standard electric heaters.

Kim Laws, Director of Norcon Computers:

"What has the process done for us in terms of our use of electricity? Over the the last five years we've been looking at how much electricity we were using and it's quite staggering the savings that we've managed to gain due to the use of solar panels. In heating and lighting we saw an extremely high reduction in the amount of electricity we bought from the suppliers and the most important thing is we've maintained a much lower usage of electricity."

We have also supported Chet's stores a local convenience store in Chatterston. They replaced an old inefficient open fronted display refrigerator with a door fronted LED lit modern refrigeration unit, saving almost five tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Atul Raithatha, Owner of Chet's Stores:

"The advantage with this fridge is that because it has double glazed steel doors, the whole fridge is not exposed to the humidity of the shop especially in the summer. While the old fridge was open it was constantly running and constantly costing money to keep that temperature at below four degrees. This one on the other hand, if somebody wants something, they just open that particular door. The doors are spring-loaded, so that it closes itself again. It has a cooling time, so it switches off then builds the temperature back again which makes it much more energy efficient and that's where the savings come from. So it's been a good investment all round."

With the help of our grants companies such as Aston Engineering and Clip and Climb have invested in solar
photovoltaic panel. Aston Engineering installed a 41 kilowatt array, saving almost 10 tons of carbon emissions per year. Clip and Climb installed an array of 30 kilowatts, reducing their annual carbon emissions by over 8 tonnes. The combined financial savings for the businesses is at least 6,200 pounds per year.

Enrolling your business onto the decarbonised grant scheme is really easy. All you need to do is complete the short form on our website and one of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your ideas and take you through the next stages.

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