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Made for Low Carbon Business
A collaboration between the University of Derby, Derby City and Derbyshire County Councils.

Who is it for?
The partnership provides a suite of services to help SMEs in the D2N2 area to make carbon savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support the shift towards a low carbon economy.

What’s on offer?
A range of services for SMEs that are based on an initial consultation and tailored to your specific business needs.

Understanding Your Needs
We will visit your business, identify your needs and depending on your interests:

  • Produce an energy audit report with recommendations for improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs and carbon emissions 
  • Undertake a Low Carbon Business Needs Review to establish how we can help take your low carbon business proposition to market. 

Low Carbon Energy Efficiency Grants:
Reducing costs by cutting emissions:
The energy audit can be used to inform a grant application and formulate an investment or business plan for energy efficiency within your premises. SMEs can access capital grants to part-fund carbon saving measures that will deliver significant energy and greenhouse gas emission savings.

Low Carbon Product Development:
Accelerating the shift to a green economy:
The Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering offers bespoke fully-funded R&D technical support consultancy in low carbon production, process and project design, new product development and prototyping.

This FREE service offers:

  • 12 hrs+ product development. 
  • Access to cutting edge technology and expertise. 
  • Attendance at 3 events from a menu of workshops. 
  • 1:1 technical support for low carbon product development 
  • Membership of our Low Carbon SME network
  • Invitation to regional conference & events.

Low Carbon Business Development:
Growing low carbon business:
SME's that already offer low carbon goods and services or are interested in moving their business in this direction, can access this fully funded (free) programme of support to help them access new markets and the region’s largest supply chains.

Support is based on a business needs review, with workshops addressing:

  • Finance and funding for low carbon businesses 
  • Environmental management systems & green accreditation 
  • Leadership & entrepreneurial skills 
  • Building a low carbon business case 
  • Low carbon procurement and purchasing 
  • Greening supply chains 
  • LEAN green logistics 
  • Sustainable marketing and brand integrity 
  • Carbon accounting 
  • Principles of circular economy 
  • Growth Accelerator club and 'meet the buyer' events.

For more information contact lowcarbonbusiness@derby.ac.uk

Low Carbon SME Network:
Greening the region’s supply chains:

In addition to attending workshop sessions, SMEs can benefit from membership of the Low Carbon SME Network. The network offers;

  • FREE support, information, resources and business networking; plus invitations to ‘taster’ Growth Accelerator club and Pitch Green events that help low carbon SMEs access major supply chains. Find out more.

To register and find out more visit www.lowcarbonbusiness.net or contact lowcarbonbusiness@derby.ac.uk

What will it cost my company?
Business development, product development, workshop events, facilities and consumables for these services are all free of charge.

What other support can we access?
SMEs may be interested in a range of other supporting projects and organisations

  • Enabling Innovation 
  • Catalysing Growth 
  • The Huub 
  • Energy 4 Business 

If you would like to discuss your specific business needs then contact us on 0800 001 5500 or email lowcarbonbusiness@derby.ac.uk

The project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to deliver free support for eligible SMEs in the D2N2 area.