D2N2 Low Carbon Project

A collaboration between the University of Derby, Derby City and Derbyshire County Councils.

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The partnership provides a suite of services to help SMEs in the D2N2 area to make carbon savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support the shift towards a low carbon economy.

This is done through audits, business support, bespoke research and development consultancy, product development and prototyping.

The Low Carbon Energy Efficiency Grants project has been created to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to save money and reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. To do this we offer fully funded technical support to develop new energy efficient ideas and product development. Our Low Carbon Business Network offers a fully funded programme of support to achieve ‘green’ accreditation and access to new markets and supply chains. There is also the opportunity to access capital grants to part-fund carbon saving measures.

Our offerings are listed below:

Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering

Through IISE we also offer bespoke fully funded research and development technical support consultancy in low carbon production, process and project design, new product development and prototyping.

Find out more about IISE, or contact the team:

lowcarbonproject@derby.ac.uk call 01332 592754

Low Carbon Business Network

We offer a range of fully funded support to accelerate business growth in the low carbon sector as well as a searchable network map that allows SMEs to connect with larger organisations and supply chains.

Find out more about The Low Carbon Business Network, or contact the team:

lowcarbonbusiness@derby.ac.uk call 01332 591040

Low Carbon Energy Efficiency Grants 

Our partners at Derby City and Derbyshire County Councils offer low carbon energy efficiency grants. An energy audit is completed that informs a grant application and an investment or business plan for energy efficiency within an SME’s premises. SMEs can access capital grants to part-fund carbon saving measures that will deliver significant energy and greenhouse gas emission savings.

Find out more about Low Carbon Energy Efficiency Grants.

The project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to deliver free support for eligible SMEs in the D2N2 area.

Inside a LED switch board

LED lighting improves Derbyshire factory productivity

Recent studies have shown that more than improving efficiency, LED industrial lighting improves employee alertness and their general sense of well-being.

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