Introduction to Invest to Grow Funding video transcript

Mark Wheddon: The University of Derby was awarded around 16 million pounds to establish the Invest to Grow Programme, the programmes designed to support businesses across the East Midlands that are looking to innovate, to grow, to bring in new products or services. The programme is managed by a dedicated team here at the University of Derby and we're supported by a strategic investment panel who bring their experience, skills and knowledge to help us make recommendations and decisions.

[Screen moves between different businesses in Derby]

We've awarded around 23 million pounds to nearly 200 businesses across the East Midlands and that's seen the creation of nearly 1,400 new jobs.

[The screen moves between different sites across the University]

We've seen nearly 80 million pounds of private sector funding injected and invested back into the East Midlands economy.

Invest to Grow represents a clear mechanism for businesses to access funding support from the University we still have funding available so we welcome applications from new businesses.

[The screen ends on the Enterprise Centre]

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