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The festival will help to connect and support local organisations, whilst showcasing Derbyshire’s extensive business capability to future clients, customers, and investors.

As part of the Derbyshire Festival of Business we've hosted a wide range of events this autumn. Recent events involved in the festival include:

The aim of the festival is to support and educate, whilst creating forums for networking, engagement and business growth.

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If you are interested in participating in the Festival, please advise which type of event/activity your organisation would be interested in delivering and complete the attached contributor delivery form. If you are interested in delivering more than one event/activity, please complete one form for each individual activity.

We would welcome you committing to deliver one or more of the following between October to March.

  1. A community-focused engagement event or activity
  2. Engagement activities with schools, colleges and/or the University
  3. One or more online or face-to-face masterclasses

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