Derbyshire Festival of Business video transcript

I'm so delighted to welcome you all to the Derbyshire Festival of Business. To focus on the county's recovery from the impact and challenges of the pandemic in our local economy.

So, through this event I suppose our aim is that we will absolutely get businesses to work with our civic leaders and our community representatives and also for the from
the university's point of view our students. So that we will be able to provide talent and skills to sustain a lasting prosperity for the region.

A really important bit for me is we are developing our business school. We received the Small Business Charter accreditation and we were one of the few
business schools in the country to be selected by government to deliver its Help to Grow: Management programme. That's been delivered by the teams in the university and is doing incredibly well.

One of the biggest initiatives we're investing in is the building of our business school, it's a huge project for the university and it's a huge commitment to the
region. It's a central element of our roadmap for the next decade for the growth and development of the University of Derby. The school will be able to accommodate 6,000 students from across the world. It will make a significant contribution to the economic social and environmental prosperity of Derby, Derbyshire, and the region as a whole.

We have now got a chambers office here in the Enterprise Centre, that is really significant not for the university alone but for people in our areas. But also for our students being able to access the chamber in a very different way and also to be able to meet businesses in a business environment, not just in an education environment.

Both Kath and Andrew have mentioned Generation Next. So, Generation Next as it suggests it is about that next generation of business leadership and the purpose is you know it's about providing a forum a peer group peer network for for young business people to grow to for personal development.

As an applied university we have strong relationships with all of our businesses but a key part of that is the work of our students. I want to thank many of the businesses in this room who support our graduates and our students with placements. However, we're always looking for more opportunity. We will do our bit in making sure that we're looking at our skills program. We're looking at the initiatives we need to embed within the university, but without the real world experience we will not be successful in creating the best graduates for the future. And it is about close working partnership working. So, I think we'll enable our region to be more prosperous. We have skills, we have the initiatives, we have the innovation in this region.

Derbyshire Festival of Business video

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