Tyra’s working hard to inspire others

Tyra Tucker is an inspirational young woman. Not only is she in her third year studying International Relations and Diplomacy, she is busily developing an interesting and unique business.

Scooping culture

Tyra is the founder of Culture Scoop. This is an engaging website about world culture that looks at different topics from all over the world, including food, fashion and romance.

The content is gained from people all over the world. YouTubers and bloggers who are living in various parts of the world provide Cultural Scoop with blogs, vlogs and imagery that give an insight into those particular cultures.

Tyra, an international student from the United States of America, says: “My business has so much more meaning to me than money. It’s about bringing people together to learn about new cultures. It is about connecting us and making us a better world.”

To help develop her business, Tyra applied to our Be the Boss programme.

Being the BOSS

Be The Boss is an award-winning programme of enterprise support aimed at students and graduates of the University of Derby who want to become self-employed. Through a combination of action planning, one-to-one support provided by experienced business advisers, a series of workshops and other activities, you can develop the skills needed to confidently set up and run a own new business.

Tyra graduated from the Be the Boss programme with flying colours. She still keeps in touch with the Be the Boss team, going to them for advice or support when needed.

“My business is so personal to me that I was so scared to share it,” explains Tyra. “I  didn’t want people to critique something that meant so much to me it but the programme helped with my confidence. I really grew and I stepped out of my comfort zone, finally being comfortable presenting.”

Tyra was invited by the Be the Boss programme to attend the East Midlands University Conference Showcase. This is where all East Midlands universities invite all enterprise support programmes to present their businesses in front of each other.

Tyra did so well that she won the title of Best Business Presentation (and a £50 voucher).


Tyra is a huge advocate of the University of Derby and is heavily involved with loads of different areas. She says: “I spend most of my time in the library studying for my undergraduate degree or working as an ambassador.”

Culture Scoop was one of the two businesses from the Be the Boss programme to be invited to use the Business Lounge at the DEN (Derby’s Enterprise Network) a co-working space at our Enterprise Centre.

Tyra says: “I am so grateful for the opportunity to use the Business Lounge as it provides me with a business space to work from. It means I can keep my student space separate from my business space. It stops the two colliding and I can focus on the one thing.”

The space provides lots of different areas for Tyra to conduct her business. There’s the large bench in the middle that is the perfect meeting space but also comfortable armchairs so you can relax and de-stress.

“I really love working from the DEN,” says Tyra. “It’s so convenient to the city centre, being at the Enterprise Centre. I can pop in when suits me after studying. What’s great about the space is that I can either work completely in silence or sit in the coffee shop and listen to the bustling of people coming and going.”

Now Tyra wants to inspire others to start their own business, she wants her fellow students to know all about Be the Boss and the DEN. She says: “I really hope my experiences can inspire other people and show them the amazing support the University offers.”

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