Climbing Package

Discover your climbing ability with our lattice assessments designed to identify areas for improvement.

Lattice Climbing – Performance Assessment

Lattice assessments are used to optimise future training by identifying the key areas for improvement. With the Lattice Board, our assessors can complete a performance profiling test for you by collecting objective performance data. Using Lattice’s analysis software the results can then be processed and used to influence your future training direction.

Based on your data, a Lattice assessment will tell you exactly what your current potential grade should be and how you should focus your climbing training in order to achieve your desired grade. Whilst other methods of climbing assessment have to rely on intuition and gut feeling to provide you with feedback, Lattice has the depth of data to be able to use rigorous statistical techniques to provide the most accurate assessment.


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Lattice Assessment

What's involved?

During the 1.5 hour Lattice assessment you will undertake a series of tests which will explore all aspects of your physical climbing performance, including:

The data collected is analysed to assess performance factors and also allows cross referencing, so you can see how you compare to other climbers of a similar grade. Your data will then be securely sent to Lattice so that your performance can be analysed against the huge database of existing Lattice assessments. Once your data has been processed (~1 week), your Lattice-accredited coach will then combine your objective performance measures with their personal assessment of your climbing to provide you with in-depth, personalised feedback about your climbing performance.

At the end of the process, you will have the information required to optimise your climbing.

The Lattice assessment at the University of Derby is best suited for those climbers operating at a minimum of F6c and V3, if you climb below this grade, or are unsure, please get in contact before booking your assessment.

Cost: £135

If you would like to book this package please contact the Human Performance Unit at