Golf Package

Our expert team offer in-depth testing to help you personalise and make the most of your golfing performance.

Our services are specifically tailored to provide support for athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite performers.

3D Golf Analysis with Report 

The Golf Analysis session includes a 3D biomechanical analysis of your golf swing using a state-of-the-art Vicon motion capture system. We will also complete an analysis of your force production and weight transfer during the swing. No matter what level you play – beginner through to professional - this comprehensive analysis will identify technical factors which can be improved to allow you to develop your performance and reduce your risk of injury.

What’s involved?

To ensure the data collected is typical of your usual swing, this one hour session will begin with a warm-up to familiarise you with the laboratory environment. 28 retro-reflective markers will then be attached to your head, body, pelvis, arms and feet to create a golf model and allow us to track your body movements in 3D space. We will then capture several shots (typically five) and collect data using Vicon motion capture system and force plates. Once the session is complete a 3D analysis report of your golf swing will be generated.  

Cost: £140 per person

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Annual 3D monitoring 

For those who wish to leave no stone unturned, we provide an annual monitoring package which allows you to identify areas for technical improvement and monitor your progression throughout the season. 

What’s involved?

As part of this package you will receive three separate 3D golf analyses with associated reports.

Cost: £450 per person - Get 15% off for a limited time (£375)

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Follow-up Coaching Tuition 

If you want support putting the recommended changes to your swing into practice, our partners at Performance Golf will use the findings from the 3D analysis to design a personalised coaching session for you.

What’s involved?

The one hour coaching session will take place at Morley Hayes Golf Club.

Cost: £50 per person 

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