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Triathlon Package

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Triathlon Assessment Package

Cost: £149 per person

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What to expect

Triathlon is a physically demanding sport and getting your training right is key to success. Our extensive package for triathletes will provide you with a better understanding of your body’s capabilities, ensuring training efficiency and helping you to achieve your goals. Our bespoke package consists of a physiological screening utilising both a bike and separate treadmill test, gait analysis; to improve your running performance and musculoskeletal screening.

What's involved

The inclusion of physiological profiling provides information to optimise training and enhance performance. Getting training intensities right means you can train optimally during every session. In acknowledgement of the differing physiological demands between the running and cycling components associated with a successful triathlon performance, we will conduct two separate assessments (on different days) to ensure that each aspect of your training is catered for. We will also film and analyse your running gait pattern using specialist software that allows our expert staff to pinpoint any causes or potential causes of injury. These will then be addressed through appropriate treatment or exercise programmes. This assessment will also help you choose the most appropriate running shoes for your specific running style. Alongside this, a musculoskeletal screening will identify any musculoskeletal problems such as reduced joint mobility, limb asymmetry or poor limb alignment. Rectifying this can reduce the occurrence of acute and chronic injury, and enhance performance through the development of appropriate conditioning exercise programmes.

What happens next

Following your visit to the clinic, our expert staff will analyse your data and prepare a detailed written report explaining your results, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and giving training advice and guidelines based on your results.

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