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Create a learning pathway to success

We've recently teamed up with Aurora Fashions (Coast, Warehouse and Oasis brands) to support them with retaining their best talent for the journey from sales staff through to area managers.  

We work with organisations to create tailored work based development programmes to resolve specific business issues being faced in the retail sector, from leadership impact and talent management programmes to customer service and team building.

Learning takes place in the work place, which means you don’t have to release staff to attend training courses, and you start to see the benefits of their learning straight away.

Who we work with

We work with many organisations including Waterstones, the British Film Institute, Citibank, Ocado and Dixons.

"The UDC team has worked extremely hard to understand our business, speak our language and have always offered educational options that align and compliment the daily operations of Dixon’s business. They’ve made education easy to access and understand, worked with us to achieve our goals and added motivation and engagement personally to adult learners which I believe will have a direct impact of retention of talent of great managers within our business in turn a saving of recruitment fees."
Alison Hendry-Butler, L & D Manager, Dixon’s Retail

Why work with us?

  • We’ve helped Aurora achieve a sales uplift of between 10 and 152%* and 38% of their learners have received promotions since the programme began. A further 42% of the learners have been identified as being ready for promotion within the next 6-12 months.
  • We’ve recently won the Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding Employer Engagement Initiative, recognising our strategic and innovative approach to delivering employers workforce development needs

*As part of the programme, individuals were challenged to spend a day managing a different store and put into practice the leadership and commercial skills they had learned. Like for like sales in the stores that day experienced an uplift of between 10% and 152%.