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Trent and Dove

How Trent and Dove made a happier home for its staff

When housing association Trent and Dove asked us to help develop management skills and eliminate the ‘silo mentality’ within their organisation, we moved in and created their first management development programme. In only its second year, it became oversubscribed.

The challenge

Senior managers wanted to develop a new strategy and business plan that could be implemented across the organisation, but felt held back by their existing culture – teams generally worked independently and didn’t share best practice.

Whatever solution we came up with had to:

  • enable managers at all levels to gain confidence and skills
  • improve team performance
  • generate enthusiasm and motivation to support the new strategy and business plans
  • establish a culture of working and learning together.

The solution

After spending time speaking to a range of managers across the organisation to get a good grasp of the issues, we devised a highly interactive management development programme that focused on group work.

This gave employees a valuable formal qualification that was accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Key features included:

  • workshops
  • action learning sets (where each participant in a small group reflects on their own actions and experience in order to improve their performance)
  • case studies
  • group and individual tasks
  • debates
  • work based projects
  • presentations.