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You said it, we did it !

Student talking to lecturer

How the University uses our students complaints as feedback to improve services

We learn so much from student complaints. Every year, the University overall receives around 100 to 150 logged complaints.  That is around 150 pieces of feedback to help us in reviewing and improving the services we provide and identifying areas in need of development.  Not only that, the benefit to the student in working through a difficult situation with them can be invaluable.

Students with partner institutions are eligible to complain to the University once they have exhausted their local procedures at the partner. 

We treat such complaints as formal complaints and assign an investigator who will liaise with the partner institution and meet with the student.  As partners, we request that you provide documentary evidence of the investigation undertaken locally, your procedures and any decisions taken in order that we complete a thorough investigation and meet the 20-day response deadline for a written response to be made to the student.

At the end of the complaint, we identify learning points that can be taken forward to improve the student experience and prevent similar issues arising in future.

Complaints are administered by the Student Complaints and Conduct team, based at the Derby campus.  For clarification of the process, please do not hesitate to contact us via email on  

For details of the complaints procedure, see