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QAA HER review

Continuing professional development

November 2015

What is Higher Education Review (HER) and why is it important?

The Higher Education Review (HER) is conducted by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). The outcome from HER is used to inform students and the wider public whether a provider meets the expectations of the higher education sector for the setting and / or maintenance of academic standards, the provision of learning opportunities, the provision of information, and the enhancement of the quality of students’ learning opportunities. It is therefore of key importance for the University and provides us with the opportunity to showcase what we do well, and how we continually strive to enhance our students’ learning experience.

The outcome of the review will determine how our current and prospective students and other stakeholders perceive the University of Derby in comparison to other institutions.

When is it happening and what is involved?

The HER takes place in two stages:

  1. Desk-based review focussing on the documents submitted by the University: The Self-Evaluation Document (SED) and the document submitted by the students: The Student Submission (SS).
  2. The Review Team visit in week commencing 11 April 2016 to meet with staff, students employers, and partner staff and students.

The University must submit its Self-Evaluation Document (SED) and supporting evidence by 18 January 2016. The Students’ Union must also submit their Student Submission (SS) by this date.

What is the latest update with preparations for HER?

The second draft of the University’s SED was circulated to CMT this week for review, checks for accuracy and clarity, additional information, and evidence/examples of good practice that can strengthen the narrative.  As the SED comes together, the collection of the evidence to support it becomes a priority. Work is underway in Learning Enhancement to systematically collect and organise the evidence required. The College Leads in Quality Enhancement are working with their HER College-based groups to identify further examples of good practice and obtain the necessary documentary evidence to support this. Work is also underway to obtain additional identified evidence from the various professional support departments.

College-based HER groups are working with a pool of key staff, students, employers and partner staff and students to prepare for the review and any meetings they may be required to attend with the review team in April.

How can I find out more?

Visit our intranet site

Further information on the review process can be found on the QAA website