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Creating a neural network

‌The draft International and UK Partnerships strategies make reference to the University Strategic Partnerships Unit (USPU) working with colleagues, both within the University and across our partners, to establish “a ‘neural network’ of partnerships that is founded on the principle of mutual trust and respect”.

Early feedback from some of our overseas partners has requested that the University operates as the coordinator of such a network and so we are looking to develop a multi-layered approach that includes both face-to-face and e-based networking opportunities.

In the first of these categories is the Collaborative Conference that we will be hosting in Buxton on June 30th and also the Learning and Teaching Conference that will be taking place in Buxton on the following day, July 1st. In terms of e-based opportunities for the sharing of information, USPU is working with the University’s Learning Enhancement (LE) team to establish a “Knowledge Exchange” portal for our partners that will facilitate the sharing of innovative ideas and good practice in learning, teaching and assessment, alongside discussions that focus on work to drive the employability, enterprise, Real World Learning, research and scholarship agendas.

Dr. Ruth Ayres, the Dean of LE has indicated that there will be an opportunity to discuss the topics to be included within the “Knowledge Exchange” as part of the Learning and Teaching Conference on July 1st and so for those interested in attending this event, can I suggest that you use this Learning and Teaching Conference hyperlink to book your place and arrange attendance.

In the meantime, can I ask you to feedback to me your thoughts on other mechanisms we can deploy to bring to life the concept of a “neural network” for the sharing of best practice and driving innovations in either our product offer or the mechanisms used to manage and deliver the offer. Please email your thought to me at



Dr. Peter Dewhurst
University Strategic Partnerships Unit