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Personal Tutoring

The 7 principles of personal tutoring

The University has provided the support of a named Personal Tutor for all on campus students since 2012 and following a review of Personal Tutoring arrangements in 2014/15, the University introduced the ‘7 Principles of Personal Tutoring’ model for implementation in 2015/16 to further enhance personal tutoring across the University. 

The 7 principles of personal tutoring at Derby

1 Every student will have a named personal tutor who makes themselves known and accessible, ensuring opportunities to meet and discuss at mutually convenient times
2 Personal tutors will support a student’s general academic, personal and professional development and take an active and supporting role through the entire student journey
3 Personal tutors will act as a consistent and reliable source of information, and provide advice, guidance, support and referral to other services
4 Personal tutors will effectively utilise available student performance and attendance data and take an active role in promoting engagement to enable students to maximise their potential
5 Personal tutors will provide opportunities for review of academic progress and support personal development planning (PDP) including promotion of reflective learning and career planning to maximise student achievement
6 Personal tutors will be proactive in arranging regular opportunities for dialogue and discussion
7 Personal tutors will securely maintain suitable records and encourage the student to do the same

It was great to see a number of you at the last UK Partnership Forum event where personal tutoring and the principles framework were explored in more detail. In the interests of sharing good practice between institutions and enabling further discussions about personal tutoring, we have made the detailed information about the principles framework and related guidance materials available to our university partners. As part of our enhancement agenda, we are keen to learn from the experience and expertise of partners in the support of students and to develop a more active conversation about how personal tutoring can be developed to meet the needs of learners in different contexts. I look forward to seeing you at the forthcoming Collaborative Conference

Chris Wilson
Learning Enhancement Manager