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What types of partnerships are available?

What types of Partnerships are available?

The University has approved and operates a number of partnership types in line with the definitions and regulations of the Quality Assurance Agency, these include:

1. Franchising

Collaborations where a partner is authorised to provide all or part of a programme designed by the University.

2. Off Campus Delivery

The University retains full responsibility for a programme delivered in a remote location by its own staff. The responsibilities of the partner organisation are limited to the provision of accommodation and, possibly, some learning resources.

3. Validation

The University recognises (as leading to a University of Derby award) a programme of study designed and delivered by an academic institution or private training provider partner organisation.

4. Accreditation

The University recognises (as leading to a University of Derby award) a programme of study designed and delivered by an employer partner organisation. Also applies when the University assigns credit to modules offered by a partner which do not lead to a University of Derby award.

5. Dual Awards

The granting of separate awards (and certificates) for the same programme by two degree-awarding bodies who have jointly delivered the programme of study leading to them.

6. Articulation

The University grants automatic entry with advanced standing to students completing a named programme of study undertaken in a partner organisation.

7. Progression

A Progression Agreement is an agreement between an institution and the University recognising progression from programmes delivered by the institution, which are recognised as UK qualifications, to specified University of Derby programmes.

8. Staff / Student Exchange

Partnership developed to provide study abroad opportunities for staff and students from both partners 

The University is also interested in exploring other types of partnerships, including:

• Recruitment Agent Agreement

The University appoints representatives in many countries throughout the world to act as non-exclusive agents, referring students to the University from specified geographical areas, subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement. 

• Research Partnerships

• Online Distance Learning