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Our People

Our Centre features members from a variety of industry and academic backgrounds with a diverse range of research interests

Dr Philip Hodgson Head of Criminology. Phil has over 30 years experience of research and  practice in the criminal justice sector. He has worked for the police, probation, the youth court and the voluntary sector prior to entering academia in 2007. His research interests include policing; drugs; young people; partnership working; and probation. p.hodgson@derby.ac.uk

Dr Helen Clarke is a Senior Lecturer  with an interest in men’s and women's experiences of crime with a particular interest in the areas of equality and diversity. Helen’s doctoral research explored women's experiences of sexual violence; current postdoctoral research probes the tensions between Foucauldian and feminist epistemologies. h.clarke@derby.ac.uk

Dr David Hicks David's research and teaching interests focus upon serious and organised crime, financial crime (fraud, money laundering, terrorist finance, national security threats, etc.), white-collar or corporate crime, and crime prevention. His recent and current research focuses on vulnerabilities to organised crime and financial crime in the securities (capital markets), commercial construction and telecommunication sectors. d.hicks@derby.ac.uk

Nick Howe was formerly a police Chief Superintendent with Staffordshire Police with whom he served for 30 years. He performed a range of policing functions throughout his service including working with the force Criminal Investigation Department, Head of Training and Development, Firearms and Public Order Command and a range of other specialist functions.He is currently undertaking doctoral studies in policing and partnerships but has a research interest in all aspects of policing, investigation and criminal justice. n.howe@derby.ac.uk

Dr Kassim Noor Mohamed Expert in topics such as organised & corporate crime, abduction, piracy, kidnap for ransom, Smuggling, counterfeiting, fraud, intelligence, surveillance and investigations, informant handling and criminal careers. m.noor-mohamed@derby.ac.uk

Jayne Noor Mohammed is a Lecturer in Criminology specialising in cybercrime, hi-tech crime, international criminology and research methods.  Her particular research interests include e-fencing (the sale of stolen goods online), counterfeiting and copyright infringement, comparative criminology with a focus on South-East Asia and cultural criminology. Contact j.noor-mohamed@derby.ac.uk

Angie Neville is a former police officer with an specialises in teaching Criminal Investigations and Policing studies. Her current research is a qualitative investigation into the quality of evidence gathered during rape investigations. a.neville@derby.ac.uk

Charlotte Hargreaves is a youth justice expert having previously worked as a practitioner and a researcher on the subject.  She has research interests in young people in the youth justice system, social exclusion, drug and alcohol misuse, mental ill health, school exclusion and disaffection.

Michael Teague is a qualified Probation Officer and a qualified Social Worker. His research interests are focused on probation, imprisonment, and the politics of criminal and community justice. Specific areas within these broad interests include ethnographic research on probation culture in England; changes in the ethos and value base underpinning probation intervention; the impact of neoliberal governments on penality; and the probation and prison systems in America.

Professor Ray Bull is one of the world’s leading authorities on criminal investigation.