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Our academic team

Fred PatersonDr Fred Paterson

‌Fred has worked in the education sector for 25 years. He has a PhD in professional learning and specialises in system leadership and how people learn to become leaders.

His core skill is finding straight forward ways to help people, teams and organisations thrive and make a real difference to their staff, customers and service users.

At the University of Derby he coordinates the Business Innovation for a Low Carbon Economy group and is currently working on a collaborative action research project with two local authorities to improve energy efficiency across the whole school estate.

Research Publications

Paterson, F (2014) Accelerating the Shift to a Low Carbon Economy: What kind of local leadership do we need? Sustainable Innovation conference. Copenhagen

Paterson, F & Delight, P (2014) A study into how senior leaders learn to lead from experience. Critical Perspectives in Business Management Journal. University of Derby.

Creasy, J & Paterson, F (2005) Leading Coaching in Schools, Nottingham, NCSL.

Paterson, F & West-Burnham, J (2005) Developing Beginning Leadership in Southworth, G & Coles, M (Eds) Developing Leadership. Maidenhead. Open University Press.

Paterson, F & Ireson, G (2010) Taking a Local Solutions approach to a national challenge, BELMAS conference proceedings.


Dr Tony AnosikeTony Anosike

Tony's research can be categorised into three key areas: Creativity & Innovation; Sustainability and Applications of Artificial Intelligence. His Sustainability research includes:

  • Reducing food waste in food supply chain
  • Supply Chain for Circular economy
  • Sustainable Agility

Tony is currently supervising PhD research projects in:

  • Research and development of a methodology for enhancing the agility and sustainability of companies and supply chains
  • Research into the use of RFID to support UK carbon reduction strategy in promoting sustainable supply chains
  • Research into the optimisation of business processes.

Other members of our academic team include: